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Texas’s “business-friendly” reputation remains under threat as policymakers grapple with the fallout of a polarizing presidency and shifting demographics. There is no better example than the sweeping new bill, SB 1859, that Senator Beverly Powell (D-Burleson) introduced last week targeting student loan servicers. Elected in 2018, Sen. Powell rode an anti-Trump wave to victory

Millennials. Everyone has an opinion, especially us. We are “entitled,” “spoiled,” and “lazy” to some; “diverse,” “educated,” and “confident” to others. Try this: “resilient.”

Millennials rode the 90’s boom straight into the dot-com bust. We watched the World Trade Center fall on live TV. We endured (and continued to endure) more than 20 years of

“At what point do we simply say . . . this statute is an ill fit for current technology?” – Justice Clarence Thomas

Nearly 3 decades before Zack Morris ascended to the fictional governorship of California in NBC’s reboot of Saved by the Bell, he was America’s best known Preppy—the cool kid with politician hair

Contracts are important and “the devil is in the details.” Too often I see business owners and experienced entrepreneurs come to me as first time clients with a serious problem. But when we go to review the contract that is at the heart of the issue, I often find that the contract was not professionally

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Copyright: squarelogo / 123RF Stock Photo

Election 2016

Marijuana ballot initiatives won big on election night 2016.  As recently reported in the Washington Post, voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada approved recreational marijuana initiatives.  And, voters in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas just approved new medical marijuana initiatives. Washington

Kicker punting football
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As an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys for over four decades, I have had the privilege of witnessing a legacy of excellent quarterbacks – from Staubach to Aikman to Romo. And now we have rookie Dak Prescott, who is exceeding all expectations (and