Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (TRCP)

In Texas, small monetary disputes may be brought before the Justice of the Peace or “JP Courts.” Most Texans are probably unfamiliar with the term and know these courts simply as “Small Claims Courts.” However, recent changes to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure have increased the amount of damages claimants may seek in JP

I have been writing on this blog about how Dallas County juries have shifted over the years from pro-defense to pro-plaintiff, or at least to a point where most prospective jurors in Dallas County don’t necessarily consider lawsuits a bad thing.  In the era of tort reform, this attitude among prospective jurors in Dallas

The other day I was in a multiparty deposition, with 15 or so lawyers sitting around a long conference room table.  One lawyer was asking questions, and two or three lawyers were lodging the obligatory objections to questions that just did not sound right to the lawyers who were actually paying attention. Normally this scenario